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RPA accomplishments

Uipath: Patients provide their details on Preferred MD application. APAK Bot extracts data from Preferred MD Website from booking request form(PDF). Then Log in into the HST application on Desktop/Laptop. Select Appointment Date and Time on HST application. Update details as mentioned on Preferred MD site. Save the the details. Also check patient registration and demographics to verify details. Update Insurance Details as well(if insurance exist) and get it done.

Automation Anywhere: Automation bot open outlook and get all unread mails having key words in subject line. Save the mails in  speific folder. Launch the e-commerce System(EPICOR). Read the required data from the email. Upload the data in EPICOR.

Automation Anywhere: The Process is designed to submit the invoices to the vendor’s portal. The Invoice PDFs will be kept at designated location. The automation bot will pick the PDF one-by-one, sign the PDF digitally and upload the PDF along with the filling mandatory details to the vendor’s portal

Uipath: Automation of Purchase Order based Vendor Invoices and their processing in SAP ERP System. Various validations have to be done before releasing the payment to Vendor

Automation Anywhere: APAK Bot has retrieved the data from excel file, put the data in client SAP system, run various reports, export the result to excel and copied all values and pasted them in different template  

Blue Prism: Alarm monitoring, Fault monitoring, Site Creation & Procure to Pay processes.

Automation Anywhere: APAK bot extract data from website, Excel, Google Drive and Mail. It then Verified the logic and update the data in Exception Report and various tables in SQL Server database

Uipath: APAK bot has fetched Purchase Order(PDF)  from email id shared by  client and put the retrived data in excel sheet 

Automation Anywhere: APAK bot has obtained data from Monthly report (excel sheet). Now APAK bot has generated the control chart and paste the selected data in Word document with control chart with specific headers.

Automation Anywhere: APAK bot has taken Stratified Sample and Random Sample data from Excel sheet and client website. Copy the data in Client SAP, ran few queries, generate few reports and then update client website based on data generated from SAP reports.

Uipath: APAK bot has read emails in Outlook with specific subject or recipient and downloaded the attachment. Attachment will be saved in specific path/shared drive. Bot has opened the report and filter the data based on specific fields, copied the entire data to the new workbook.

Blue Prism: Automation of transportation processes. 

Automation Anywhere, TFS: Successfully delivered 12 complex PO process.
The project is related with the automation of Purchase Order based Vendor Invoices and their processing in SAP ERP System. Various validations have to be done before releasing the payment to Vendor.

Automation Anywhere, JIRA: Successfully automated Non-PO process. This process has been automated in UIPath. Non-Purchase order-based invoices are not backed up with any system triggered Purchase order. If a Non-PO invoice is received, there are several validations have to be done before processing that invoice. Outcome of these validations triggers different invoice processing guidelines. 

Blue Prism, JIRA: HPQCUSD 25M project is to deploy 100+ Robots across multiple processes (Alarm monitoring, Fault monitoring, Site Creation & Procure to Pay processes). Successfully implemented the Agile in RPA to fasten the quality delivery. Worked with Stakeholder during design, implementation, UAT & Stabilization phase. Helped the customer to identify the robo performance and FTE benefits realization from each process automation

Uipath: It involves SAP data Extraction
• Using the GUI Interface of SAP (Installed in RPA server) have to login & search listed table
• Apply filter in SAP and download respective data in excel format
• SAP data extraction process to be done with unattended bot in regular time interval
32 table data need to be extracted 2 times a day

2. Download Excel data file
• Convert Excel file into .csv format
• Copy csv to below network location
-Respective list of files (.csv files) to be moved to IIoT server
-Respective list of files (.csv files) to be moved to P
ower BI server 

Frequently Asked Question


Here are some frequently asked questions about RPA service providers:


  1. What is an RPA service provider?

An RPA service provider is a company that offers RPA (Robotic Process Automation) services to businesses. They specialize in implementing RPA solutions to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks and processes, and help businesses increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve productivity.

2. What services do RPA service providers offer?

RPA service providers offer a range of services, including RPA consulting, implementation, and maintenance. They work with businesses to identify areas that can be automated using RPA, design and develop customized RPA solutions, and provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the RPA system is functioning properly.


 3. How do I choose the right RPA service provider?

When choosing an RPA service provider, it's important to consider factors such as the provider's experience, expertise, reputation, and pricing. Look for a provider with a proven track record of successful RPA implementations and satisfied clients. Consider their expertise in your specific industry or business function and ensure they have the necessary skills and resources to handle your project.

4. What are the benefits of working with an RPA service provider?

Working with an RPA service provider can provide several benefits to businesses, including increased efficiency, cost savings, improved accuracy, and faster processing times. RPA can help automate repetitive, rule-based tasks and free up employees to focus on more strategic and high-value work.


5. How much do RPA services cost?

The cost of RPA services can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the level of customization required, and the pricing structure of the service provider. Some providers may charge a one-time implementation fee, while others may offer ongoing support and maintenance for a monthly or annual fee. It's important to discuss pricing and payment terms with the service provider before engaging their services.

6. Can RPA service providers work remotely?

Yes, RPA service providers can work remotely to implement and maintain RPA solutions. In fact, many RPA service providers offer remote services to clients, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote services can help businesses save on travel and overhead costs and allow for more flexibility in scheduling and collaboration.


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